Why Coaching…..And Why the “4”?

Leaders need passion, purpose and the clarity to act boldly in order to lead themselves and others exceptionally well. What do you need to take yours to the next level?

I coach leaders for empowering positive change & wisdom for living so they lead themselves and others well. Coaching with evidence-based principles empowers leaders to gain awareness (clear out mental clutter) and leverage intentional action (attend to the important) to achieve exponential results.

Who I coach:

  • Owners of small and medium-sized business and their key leaders and teams
  • Emerging and high-potential leaders in corporate organizations
  • Leaders of ministries and other non-profit organizations
  • Entreprenuers seeking to maximize their personal capacity and potential

The “4” in Coach Leadership is a reference to the 4-square, solution-focused coaching model I use in focused coaching sessions with groups and individuals.

Consider the 2 x 2 table below.  Thought and Action are the “Domain” and make up the horizontal row.    Support and Challenge are the “Action” and  make up the vertical column.


During a Coaching conversation, we will work through the various quadrant combinations together.  This allows facilitation of intentional thinking, which can then lead to intentional action. Clarity of thought coupled with intentional, focused action gets people from where they are to where they want to go and what they want to achieve. In short, it empowers positive change

The Leadership part?  We all have to lead the most challenging person in the world.  Who is that? Yourself, of course! For those who also lead others, one of the most important things you can do for them is to lead and empower yourself well so that you maximize your ability to lead and empower them.

Executive/professional Coaching is the most effective solution for helping you and the individuals or organizations you lead successfully navigate the change process. Coaching is a key resource to help empower you to overcome your challenges, realize your opportunities, and achieve your big dreams.  The various elements of coaching are ideally suited to empower Resonant and Transformational leadership development and ability in yourself and others.

Coaching can help you become a coaching leader.  To learn more, contact me at rob@coach4leadership.com for more information and/or a  no-obligation phone consultation.

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