Hello and welcome to Coach 4 Leadership!

The premise and value proposition of Coach 4 Leadership is straightforward:

Leaders who feel stuck or over-whelmed deprive themselves and others of value. 

I coach leaders for growth, innovative influence and lasting change so they can lead themselves and others exceptionally well.  

My name is Robert Wainner and most know me as “Rob” these days, although that has changed over the years: Robby as a kid, Robert in high school, and a few other choice names at times I won’t mention.

On the personal side, I am my parent’s son (thanks mom and dad), the husband of one (Diane), father of 6 adult kids, grandfather of 2 (for now), friend and mentor to many.  Hunting, fishing and gardening are pursuits I love but haven’t done much of over the years due to other priorities.  However, I have managed to still pursue my passions of reading, thinking, writing and exercising.

Professionally, I am a:

  •             Executive/professional & Personal Coach
  •             Physical therapist (PT) and private practice and business owner
  •             Teacher/educator as well as rehabilitation researcher and author

 “But what do you do?” was an easy question to answer during my 20yr Air Force career, but harder the last 10yrs given my ever-expanding roles:

  •             Owner/partner, Dir.of Leadership at Texas Physical Therapy Specialists (TexPTS)
  •             Owner/partner, 1st orthopaedic residency director at Evidence in Motion (EIM)
  •             Associate professor,Texas State University (MSK curriculum coordinator).

Then in 2013 I decided to follow my passion to become an executive/professional Coach. I started Coach4Leadership, LLC and completed my studies in the UT Dallas’ graduate program in Executive Coaching in 2014.

I went a step further in 2014 and changed my roles at TexPTS and EIM to professional Coaching/leadership development and resigned my tenured position (yes, tenured) at the university effective this summer. None were easy decisions, but they are ones that will allow me to focus singularly on my Coaching pursuits.  Funny how the “what do you do question” is much easier to answer these days! I guess less really is more.

So, I know a bit about change (personally for sure) and I am most passionate about helping people empower positive change in themselves and others. To do that requires some applied skills in leadership and a variety of helping conversations, two of several associated topics I look forward to blogging about.  My platform is an extension of my Coaching and resource to provide value to others….including those who don’t know me a “Coach”.

Bottom-line: if you intentionally seek to empower positive change in yourself or others, welcome to the conversation! If that’s not you or your not sure, I welcome you to stick around…..you may just find yourself becoming a part of it!



Rob Wainner, PT, Ph.D.



Full CV


Professional Accomplishments & Highlights




  •             tDPT, 2013, Evidence in Motion (EIM) Institute of Health Professions
  •             Ph.D, 2000, Rehabilitation Science, University of Pittsburgh
  •             MS, 1992, Advance Masters Physical Therapy, University of Kentucky
  •             BS, 1985, Physical Therapy, University of Texas Medical Branch Galveston


  •             2014- Executive/professional Coaching Certificate program, UT Dallas
  •             2013 Executive Private Practice Management, EIM Institute of Health Professions


  •            Associate Certified Coach, International Coach Federation
  •             Physical Therapist, 1985 – Present
  •             Fellow, American Acdmy. Ortho. Man. Physical Therapists (AAOMPT), 2003 — present
  •             American Board of American Physical Therapy Specialties
  •             Orthopaedic Certified Specialist (OCS), 1994 – 2013
  •             Electrophysiologic Certified Specialist (ECS), 1995 – 2014



  •             Confluent Health, LLC co-founder & partner, 2014 – present
  •             Coach 4 Leadership, LLC, founder and President 2013 – present
  •             Texas Physical Therapy Specialists (TexPTS), PC,  co-founder & partner, 2004 – present
  •             Evidence in Motion (EIM), LLC, co-founder & partner, 2004 – present


  •             Top 50 Places To Work, San Antonio Business Journal #16: TexPTS, 2013
  •             Top 50 Fastest Growing Companies in Louisville: EIM 2013
  •             Top 50 Fastest Growing Companies in Louisville: Evidence In Motion 2012
  •             Inc. 500/5000 – TexPTS; ranked #1768 overall;  #139 for Health Care, 2012
  •             Top 50 Places To Work, Austin Business Journal: TexPTS #22, 2012
  •             Inc. 500/5000 – TexPTS; ranked #748 overall, 2011
  •             Top 50 Private Companies Award, San Antonio Business Journal: TexPTS #43, 2011
  •             Top 50 Places To Work, San Antonio Business Journal: TexPTS, 2011
  •             Inc. 500/5000 – TexPTS; ranked #615 overall, 2010
  •             PPS Private Practice of the Year Award. TexPTS, 2009
  •             Inc. 500/5000 – TexPTS; ranked #214 overall; #19 for health care, 2009
  •             Greater Louisville Inc. credidble Award for Outstanding Small Business: EIM,  2009 

Academic – See full CV for details





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