Helping Conversation “Hats”: Summary

In this brief segment, we are going to wrap things up with our Helping Conversations series.   In summary, Helping conversations center around 4  fundamental activities: Teaching, Mentoring. Consulting, and Coaching. Each conversation type is used for a different purpose and differs in its level of sophistication and the skill-set needed to carry it out.

Regardless of what we do,  Leaders and those in positions of influence need to know the difference between each of these types of helping conversations and how to use them if they want to have maximum effectiveness and impact on the individuals and organizations they lead.

Hopefully, this series has facilitated greater awareness, increased your ability to distinguish between Teaching, Mentoring, Consulting and Coaching conversations, and will help you to be able to identify which conversation is needed with which person, and at what time in order to empower positive change.

I would love to hear your thoughts, additional insights, and the impact you have had on others as well as your comments and feedback.