Helping Conversation “Hats”: Coaching Hat

Coaching in the context of a Helping conversation is defined as the facilitation of self-directed thinking and facilitating self-determined, self directed action and change.

I have found that the Coaching  hat in that context is rarely understood. People often interchangeably refer to (or think of) Teaching , Mentoring and Consulting activities as Coaching……after one’s mind has been diverted from what you do with athletes on the ball-field or in the Gym of course.

Coaching extends what Mentoring often begins. In Coaching, like good teaching, one moves from being the Sage on the Stage to the guide on the side. By definition, when wearing a Coaching hat you tacitly believe that it’s best if the person solves the problem for themselves, with the Coach being critical for helping with the process.

Do you know when and when not to go put on your Consulting hat?  What is the relationship between questions and statements during the course of a Coaching conversation? Join me for a couple of minutes and consider these questions as I discuss these and a few other critical elements in this brief overview.

I would love to hear your thoughts, additional insights, and the impact you have had on others as well as your comments and feedback.