Helping Conversation “Hats”: Consulting Hat

Consulting can be defined quite simply as providing expert advice and recommended solutions. A Consulting episode often includes a good dose of teaching and could possibly include some mentoring as well, but at its CORE it involves giving expert advice and solutions and directing others in how to go about accomplishing a particular task or objectives

The challenge in consulting is to know when NOT to go there; too often consulting is provided when not asked for or worse when it is not welcomed. The other challenge with any helping conversation but with consulting in particular avoiding the the “Righting Reflex”

Do you know when and when not to go put on your Consulting hat? How often do you exhibit the “Righting Reflex”? Join me for a few minutes and consider these questions as I discuss these and a few other critical elements in this brief overview.

I would love to hear your thoughts, additional insights, and the impact you have had on others as well as your comments and feedback.