Bathe In The Moment – Why You Need To

“God gave us memories to be rose gardens in the December of our lives” adapted from J.M. Barrie

Do you bath? Why?  Most do so to get clean, but some bath to simply relax, refresh and recreate. Bathing (hot showers count) is an activity of both hygiene and renewal.

Dr. Art Nitz, a mentor and friend,  told me something when when I was in my physical therapy Master’s program at the University of Kentucky that has always stuck with me. I just completed data collection for my first real research project and excited to move on the next phase….immediately…he said “Rob, take a minute and just bathe in the moment”. That wasn’t something I was expecting to hear and I had to think about it for a while. I have been thinking ever since.

Taking time to simply pause, breath deeply, reflect and heck, actually ENJOY what you’ve just accomplished requires intentionality. Otherwise, I settle for a quick “Yes!”, a fleeting moment of satisfaction, or miss enjoying the Win altogether. This is especially difficult if “Achiever” is listed among your top 5 Gallup Strengths as it is mine. After all, why waste time on something that is done when there are so many new things to do and conquer!?

My great-grandmother helped me get perspective on this (she lived to be 106). A widow for the last 25yrs of her life, she spent a lot of time alone and much of that on her back porch swing. I asked her if she ever got bored. She said “no, I always have my memories and they make for good company”.

Most people agree that bathing regularly is important not only for the person bathing, but for those who surround them as well. The same is true for bathing in the moment. Do you? While it looks different for everyone, don’t forget that it can give you leverage now and will be the seeds of a rose garden or briar patch in your future.

023 BathMoment

When is the last time you’ve bathed?