Unique To You!

Don’t give up what is unique to you for something someone else will do.” ~friend of Andy Stanley

I love quotes because they often capture more meaning and content and express it with greater clarity than do page upon pages of script or the windy words of someone’s monologue. Those two things  often end up only blowing you away, resulting in more cognitive dissonance.

You have unique talents and gifts. You have unique relationships and influence.  Taken together, they define the things that you…. and only you….are able to “do”. On the other hand, there are roles and responsibilities that you hold…usually related to position and title…that one day, someone else will hold.  One day you will either change jobs (willing or unwilling) or retire and someone else is going to replace you in these areas. That is simply a fact….for all of us.

Yet way too often we give up our unique roles that no one can fill for those activities (read: job)  we know for certain one day someone else will fill. This leaves a void and a loss of value for both for us and those we serve when we fully live in that unique role.

All of us have responsibilities at work, in community and with family that we have to connect and make work together. In fact, these are often synergistic, which is ideal… like generating work income that then provides family needs. The problem arises when imbalance or even conflict between them occurs….and we know that naturally seems to happen at some point, more frequently it seems as we get older (or more “mature”).  Which is where the rub lies. So, what’s the answer?

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Clarity is where it begins. You’re probably very clear on what you have to do for your job and likely even have your title on your business card. But are you as clear on “what is unique to you?” as you are about your “Work” work? If you don’t have clarity on your unique role, how can you be intentional and excel in it? Furthermore, how will you make the hard decision when conflict arises?

How are you doing with what is unique to you as well as with the stuff that someday, someone else will do? If you aren’t where you want to be in this regard, then perhaps the next action you should consider is to make a move in the direction of getting clarity.