Preparing to Launch

Hello! If you’ve found your way here, you have found my brand new blog site. This will be the home for content and community once I  launch the Coach 4 Leadership blog in the first couple of months of  2014 (exact date TBD soon).

A few sample posts will be coming soon with a regular stream of consciousness flowing following the official launch.

I’m looking forward to building resources dedicated to those who aspire to Leadership development, helping conversations and empowering positive change.

A shout-out to David Browder at who has helped me get up and running quickly with ideas and this blog. None of us are an island unto ourselves, especially not leaders (after all, if you think you are leading and no one is following then you are just taking a walk). Thanks David, looking forward to collaborating in creation with ya!

Rob Wainner

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2 thoughts on “Preparing to Launch

  1. Rob
    Best of success to you on this venture!! Once people realize the wisdom and leadership you can bring to them you will be very busy. Awesome!!!!!

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